Tourist Land is first and foremost a diverse and interactive art exposition, to be experienced during all of our various opening times. But besides the exhibition, Tourist Land also aims to inspire new perspectives and initiate fresh conversations about the phenomenon of tourism. Therefore, we have invited several thinkers to speak to and talk with us on three seperate reflection nights. During multiple evenings, we offer special food - for more information on this, click 'INFO'. Here is an overview of the whole program. For more details on the philosophy program, check below, and view our Facebook events.  


With our philosophical program we challenge you, as a visitor, to reflect and talk about new or different ideas on tourism. During this in-depth program various guests, such as philosophers and artists, will present and share their ideas. The evenings will be moderated by co-curator Marc van Dijk, and spoken language is English. 

Sat. 16 November - 19.30 

Reflection Night: Tourism and Authenticity

Does tourism undermine the authenticity of tourist attractions, or do tourists rather revive the authenticity of these places?  Many tourists or travelers look for authenticity at their destination and this creates a market for offering authentic experiences. But to what extent is this "staged authenticity"?

Attending the conversation are philosopher dr. Ruud Welten and The Untourist Movement, represented by Eelko Hamer. Welten criticizes modern tourism, while The Untourist Movement is commited to bringing tourists in contact with local residents of Amsterdam. Several artists of Tourist Land who work on the interaction between tourism and authentic experiences will join as well. 

Wed. 20 November - 19.30

Reflection Night: Through the Eyes of the Tourist

 As tourists we often only look from a distance, never really becoming part of what we see. However,  tourists may see things that local residents have long forgotten. What does the touristic way of seeing tell us about our 'selves', our identity as human beings?

Philosopher dr. Ike Kamphof presents multiple philosophical vignettes that provoke discussion about the way in which tourists look at the world around them. Kamphof thinks that we are all spectators, and often only look from a distance. But when do we actually become part of something instead of just looking at it? 

'Denker des Vaderlands' (freely translated, 'Thinker of our Homeland') Daan Roovers will be our special table guest. Moreover, several artists will share their artistic ideas about the theme. 

Fri. 22 November - 19.30

Rethinking Tourist Land: Wrap-Up

 How did Tourist Land provide us with new insights about tourism? On this last evening of the in-depth program we look back on the past week and reflect on, well, our reflection on tourism. 

For this we collect the most valuable ideas from the event. The Tourist Land artists joining this evening will offer insight into the experiences of the audience. You, the audience, are the main guest of this wrap-up, which will also consist of  interactive sessions in sub-groups in which experiences are exchanged, through  for instance socratic conversations.